Welcome to Vitensenteret Sørlandet!

Enjoy fun activities for the whole family at our science centers in southern part of Norway!

Vitensenteret Sørlandet is a science museum with hands-on and interactive exhibitions, that encourage visitors to experiment and explore. 

Tickets can be pre-ordered or bought at the door.

In addition to our interactive exhibitions you can also participate in an activity workshop. You can find more information about the workshops we offer on our program-site: https://vitensor.no/program/

Vitensenteret Sørlandet has three locations with two different branches.

Vitensenteret Arendal

The largest center is located in Arendal. This center also hosts the braches «Besøkssenter Raet nasjonalpark» and «Havet som ressurs». Explore our exhibits about the life under seas in our national park just outside the window of our center, the life cycle of salmon, innovation processes, the history of aquaculture and much more!

For an inside view of our center, take a look at this video: https://vitensor.no/utstilling-arendal/

Vitensenteret Kristiansand

In our center in Krisiansand you can explore fascinating exhibits about bodysystems, energy and physics.

For more information about our exhibition in Kristiansand: https://vitensor.no/utstilling-kristiansand/.

Summer at Vitensenteret Sørlandet 2024!

Make plans for a super day at Vitensenteret!

This summer our centers are open monday to sunday, from 22.nd of June to 11.th of August, 11:00 to 16:00.

Every day you can explore engaging workshops for the whole family, science shows, and our interactive exhibition.

Summer program, 2024

11:00: The center opens

11:30-13:00: Soap bubble Lab is open

12:00: Science Show (VitenShow)

13:30-15:30: Soap bubble Lab is open

14:00: Science Show (VitenShow)

16:00: The center closes

Science Show!

Get ready for explosions, chemistry experiments and lots of fun, and engaging, science.

The show is presented by our science-hosts called «VitenLoser».

Plan your visit!

Visit us in Arendal at Kystveien 2, close to the city center.

Visit us in Kristiansand, Markens gate 21A, in the middle of Markens gate.

Program: Se hva som skjer